A glass of the local wine

Along with delicious home-made food, it is impossible not try a glass of the local magic potion, which was created thanks to the love of nature, happiness and the demanding work of the wine-growers from the Gorizia Hills.

At the Gostilna Peternel restaurant we pay special attention to our neighbors, the closest winemakers, who create charming and striking wines in their cellars, which are infused with the soul of the Western Gorizia Hills.

Things to do & attraction to see

Goriška Brda is a region rich of cultural, historical and natural attractions.
Little and compact villages on the slopes of the hills...

Typical treatment of vines on steep terraces...
Little churches proudly invite you to admire their walls rich of historic frescoes...
Rushing streams who sculpt their way in the rocks...
The local people, faced on mixing Slavic, German and Roman culture, expanded their horizons and become more persistent and ambitious...

Come and visit the land with heart! Come in Brda!


Near Gostilna Peternel so many beauties!

Krčnik and Kotline

The natural monument Krčnik is located just before the  Kožbana village. During thousands of years the Kožbanjšček stream has carved into the rock a picturesque gorge 40 meters long and 6 meters deep and wide.

Over the first basin is the natural bridge with a span wide one meter and long 5 meters. The Krčnik bridge is known as one of the most beautiful in the whole Slovenia state!

Why the name ‘Krčnik’? Various legends are circulating. One of them says that one summer day the Mayor’s son  jumped in the icy water of the stream, but unfortunately died because of the cramp caused by the cold water. So, the word “Krčnik” comes from the word “krč”, which means cramp.

Not far away, there are natural pools called “Kotline”. Three pools have been carved into a 10 meters long rock wall. Kotline are for many years during hot summers a meeting point of local youth searching there to refresh herself.
Recently, Kotline are a refreshing point for tourists, too.

The most steep coltivated terraces in Brda and surroundings

On the way to Krčnik, 800 meters from Gostilna Peternel, just below the wine producer Čarga are situated the terraces planted with vines with the inclination of more than 70 percent. The view is uncredible.


The statue dedicated to the saint John of Nepomuk (or John Nepomucene)

A few steps from Gostilna Peternel a stone bridge crosses the stream Kožbanjšček. During the construction in 1903 the locals put on the statue dedicated to the Saint John Nepomuk, is the saint of Bohemia (Czech Republic), who was drowned in the Vltava river at the behest of Wenceslaus, King of the Romans and King of Bohemia. Later accounts state that he was the confessor of the queen of Bohemia and refused to divulge the secrets of the confessional. On the basis of this account, John of Nepomuk is considered the first martyr of the Seal of the Confessional, a patron against calumnies and, because of the manner of his death, a protector from floods and drowning.
In the past (and still) the Kožbanjšček stream caused a lot of demage with floodings, that’s way local people dedicated a statue to the protector from floods and drownings.
In addition, the valley of Kožbanjšček stream is also known for the many miniature bridges of stone. Six are located between the natural monument Krčnik and Neblo village.

Memorial dedicated to the 22 victims of the arson of May 22nd in 1944

That day German troops with one of the major offensive struck the partisan groups in the area from Gorizia to Kobarid. Brda were surrounded from four directions. Despite the numerical and technical superiority of the invaders Germans suffered unexpected losses. The offensive success was far away from what Germans expected. Therefore, they began with their revange. In the village Gornje Cerovo Germans killed ten hostages. But the biggest crime in Brda  happened at the fraction od few houses of Peternel, where Germans burned two houses (one of them is the building in which today operates our restaurant), where they had previously locked up twenty-two local residents and persons taken into hostage nearby.

In remembrance and reminder the local partisan association annually organizes commemorative ceremonies in Peternel and Gornje Cerovo.

Wonderful churches of the Gothic perio

SAINT ANDREW CHURCH in Vrhovlje pri Kožbani

A Cycling, Runners and Walkers Paradise!

The valley of Kožbanjšček stream, from spring until the last warm days of autumn, but also on sunny winter days, is a popular area of ​​Brda for hikers, but especially for lovers of cycling.
The fraction of Peternel leave three winding paths that lead to the top most high hill in Brda – the mount Korada. In this area, the wine landscape gives way to the wooded areas.

It is not a surprise then, this area years ago was added to the international hiking trail Alpe Adria Trail, which has contributed immensely to the growth of hiking tourism in Brda.


A delicious gastronomic offer

The valley of Kožbanjšček stream offers excellent conditions for the cultivation of vineyards, orchards, as well as home gardens.

  • Wine with character and cherished from the peaks

The mount Korada gently caresses the lands of the valley guaranteeing high quality of the valley’s products. So, in the valley of Kožbanjšček stream we find many producers of successful wine, who added the region of Brda to the list of the most beautiful and successful wine regions.

A few steps from Gostilna Peternel you can visit many wineries:

in Pristavo: Čarga
in Hruševlje: Zalatel, Fabricijo Uroš
in Neblo: Šibav Miran, Zanut, Reja Marko, Šibav Diego, Silveri
in Šlovrenc: Mavrič Peter and Ivan, Kabaj-Morel, Domenis, Mavrič Jožko and Anton
in Fojana: Šibau Dušica
in Kozarno: Fabricijo Boris

  • A rich beekeeping tradition

Nearby the village Neblo to the peaks of the Korada mount, the beekeeping tradition has long been passed down from generation to generation. The honey of the valley of Kožbanjšček stream is considered one of the most sought far and wide. No wonder then, that many young people have decided to carry on the tradition of beekeeping in Brda. To thee production of honey and apicolturali products a few years ago was added a new offer in Hlevnik, the apitherapy, which is recommended for those who suffer from bronchitis and other respiratory disorders.

The honey producers close to us:
in Neblo: Kodermac Alojz, Planinšek Branko, Edi Golob
in Hlevnik: Robert Skubin
in Senik: Ušaj Roman

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